Everything About NDIS Plan Management: What You Should Know

If you struggle with efficiently managing your funds, you are not alone. The cost of living in Australia has increased since recent inflation spikes, making it challenging for most Australians to manage their budgets and pay all the bills on time. This is even more so for people with disabilities.

Luckily, the Australian government has the NDIS plan management services. The NDIS is Australia’s first national scheme for people with disabilities, and the plan management option allows you to hire someone to help you manage your funds.

This blog will elaborate on the duties of an NDIS plan management provider and why it is beneficial to have one. 

What Is NDIS Plan Management?

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) plan management means a provider helps you manage your disability funding. There are several plan-management options, so choosing the right one for your needs is very important.

In essence, plan management is a decision you have made about who is accountable for paying for your service providers and tracking your budget and transactions. 

What Does NDIS Plan Management Include?

After you have been approved for the NDIS, you will meet with a local area coordinator (LAC) or a designated planner. The party will collect your info to create a suitable NDIS plan. During the meeting, you have to choose how you’d prefer to manage your plan.

You can choose the National Disability Insurance Agency as your fund’s manager. They will pay your registered service providers on your behalf. Another option is to make yourself or a plan nominee the fund manager. This can be your children or someone else you see fit. 

Lastly, there is the option to choose a designated plan manager to help you manage your NDIS funds. The service provider handles all your payments, so you have no out-of-pocket costs.

woman signing with a plan manager

Why Choose an NDIS Plan Management Provider? 

A reliable NDIS plan management provider efficiently eases your fund’s management so you don’t have to worry about making all payments on time. You are at liberty to choose registered and unregistered NDIS providers. 

In other words, this means you have more options to consider, especially if you reside in an area lacking such providers. By choosing an NDIS management provider, you are free of admin duties and can get insight into your funds anytime. Additionally, you become more knowledgeable about utilising your funds best, as a plan manager will guide you through the expenses you make. 

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