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While kayaking the length of the Murray River in 2006 and 2010, Leanne left Manfred and her son Daniel to “hold the fort at home”. While maintaining a full time business development role and managing media and fundraising for her campaign, Manny struggled with the basics of the home administration that Leanne normally handled. Everyone agreed that there had to be a better way, but life can get in the way of taking action to rectify those issues.

When travelling through Vietnam with a couple of her Lion’s friends Leanne decided to work towards creating a tool that could be transferable to other family members and be accessible from anywhere at anytime. The wheels were set in motion to create an App that would be particularly helpful in times of emergency, to streamline personal administration and to simplify life.

The bushfires of the summer of 2019/2020 brought devastation to so many Australian families and these natural disasters continued this year with floods along eastern Australia.

Lifebox has been front of mind for Leanne and a group of committed individuals and business owners to create an App that is secure, intuitive, low cost and easily accessible from mobile phones or via the internet.

The hope too, is that Lifebox will become an ethically sustainable company that can give back to the community by way of regular contributions to even the smallest of community groups and charities.

A program of allocating a percentage of Lifebox subscriptions to these areas while creating an education program that could be demonstrated to young adults with practices that can be used throughout their entire adult life is part of the future vision as is encouraging global citizens to become environmentally sustainable.

Our ambition is to become an example of a compassionate company for all who are associated with Lifebox in any capacity.

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